Our favourite links

Bunny Links

The Language of Lagomorphs: Just what is your bunny trying to tell you? This site has proved invaluable to us when it came to dealing with out crazy bunny Fern and all her antics.

Rabbit Welfare Association: Because Rabbits Deserve Better.

Gerbil Links

eRodent: A great site with Jirds, Degus as well as gerbils and other much loved critters. Sadly no longer updated, eRodent is still a fun and informative place to visit.

The National Gerbil Society: Lot’s of really useful information on gerbils.

Guinea Pig Links

Jackie’s Guinea Piggies: A very happy family of piggies and two really cute bunnies. No longer updated, but still full of pictures, stories of Jackie’s guinea pigs and care advice.

Rattie Links

Rats Are People Too: Brought to you by RatRaisins, Incorporated and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.