Biscuit, Badger & Willow's
Rattie Diary

December 2002

Willow’s entry:

Our little rat, Willow exploring the back of the sofaMy new home is still great. I have just finished exploring the sofa, wow that was fun, I had to learn to climb and be really brave in jumping down off things. Biscuit and Badger are so lucky they are much bigger than I am. I get a bit upset because they can get to places I can’t, mum will often help me when I’m stuck, which does make me feel better. Still wish I was bigger. I haven’t had anymore accidents, well not ones where I’ve hurt myself anyway. Mum says I am very demanding, every time she walks in the room I am there ready to be played with. I just love spending time out of my home, though my favourite game is running in and out of my cage. Sometimes mum takes me on walks around the house, it does scare me when she says I have to be careful the cats don’t eat me (I’m sure she doesn’t mean it though). Biscuit and Badger are much more sleepy than me, so I’m glad mum is there to play with me. Because of something called Christmas dad is at home for two weeks, I get to play with him too. Mum and dad keep playing video games so they let me run around on the sofa while they play, I can get into allsorts of trouble because they aren’t watching me. I’ve got to go and do some more bouncing now, I find it very difficult to stay still for long!

Badger’s entry:

Our rats, Willow & Badger helping at cleaning out timeI am so happy, I don’t sneeze anymore and I have grown really big. I really enjoy coming out to play now I’m all better, mum says she can see I’m much more confident. I used to get really upset when I sneezed and I didn’t want to play, I do miss my yummy medicine but I prefer feeling better. Being a big rat is great fun I can reach all these new places. I keep getting into trouble, mum tells me off but I don’t think she means it. I know I frightened her when I was poorly and now she is just happy I’m okay, and I’m still her favourite little rattie. Twice a week mum and dad clean our cage out which is great fun, I get to help. I love helping my mum, she says I am a good boy and hugs me. Biscuit gets grumpy when we are cleaned out, he says it is my fault because sometimes I pee on a shelf or something. He likes to come out really, it is all just pretend with him, I’ve seen him get a twitchy head excited and go bouncing around like Willow.

Biscuit’s entry:

Our rat, Biscuit lurking under a wooden logStill like hanging out in my igloo, alone. Dad bought us another igloo because Badger kept squeezing into mine with me. Dad thought it was horrible with our limbs sticking out, so we got another one. Badger sleeps in the spare igloo now, sometimes he wee’s in it which is horrible. Mum always seems to be cleaning our cage out, so we get put in a towel to keep us out of the way. Willow and Badger go running off, I like to stay in the towel and keep an eye on things from there. I am bigger than my two brothers, which is great because I can boss them around. Playing on the sofa is fun sometimes, I let mum know when I don’t want to play by nipping her fingers. Mum says I need the exercise and will take my igloo out of the cage with me in it, so I have no choice but to come out and play. Even though mum says I am a grumpy rat she won’t stop loving me, or making me come out to play.