Biscuit, Badger & Willow's
Rattie Diary

January 2003

Willow’s entry:

Biscuit, Badger & Willow exploring a cardboard boxMum and dad have been getting worried about me because I have so much energy and Biscuit and Badger are big and sleepy compared to me. I don’t like exploring on my own and sometimes Biscuit and Badger just want to stay in bed. Mum says I have to understand I am a very energetic little rat, she tries to play with me but it’s not the same as my brothers. Mum and dad have talked about getting another friend for me, but he could be just as sleepy as Biscuit and Badger. Mum has made us a “rattie apartment” she saw it on the Rat Planet web page, and thought it would be fun for me. She drags Biscuit and Badger out of bed, if they are being sleepy and stuffs them in it. They get to sleep and I can explore and play knowing I’m not alone. Biscuit and Badger have fun in there too, but I’m not supposed to tell.

Biscuit’s entry:

Our rat, Biscuit having a cuddle with LindsayMum insists on getting me out and cuddling me, which I do not appreciate. I want to be left alone in my igloo and fed toast and vegetables. It is not like I am getting fat like Badger who will eat anything. I like being an old grouch and left alone, okay so I do occasionally sneak off when no one is looking and do my own thing. Mum and dad have started rearranging the toys in our home when they clean us out, they think I spend to much time in bed and need more stimulation. Mum has this annoying rule that we have to spend at least 30 minutes out of our cage a day, she says it’s not healthy to spend all day in our cage. I’m not to sure about this “rattie apartment” thing, but I do like having somewhere to hide when I’m out of our cage and mum leaves me alone while I’m in there. Maybe being out isn’t so bad after all, I am enjoying spending the time with my brothers outside our cage.

Two little rat noses poking out their igloo

Badger’s entry:

Mmmm cheese, I like cheese. Mum and dad have been feeding us all these new yummy treats and cheese is my favourite. I’m not allowed much though, mum says its not healthy to eat too much. I have to steal Biscuit’s and Willow’s, that is easy though Willow gets so excited he drops his bit and Biscuit prefers healthy stuff like broccoli and curly kale. Mum says I need to be careful what I eat, she says my food intake is greater than the energy I use and I’m getting a little bit too cuddly.

I do like our new “rattie apartment” there are lots of places to squeeze into and explore, mum says it will grow into a “rattie mansion” if we are good boys and keep playing with it.