Biscuit, Badger & Willow's
Rattie Diary

July 2003

Badger’s entry:

It’s been so hot, I don’t like it hot. Sometimes I don’t even like to eat but that doesn’t happen very often. Mum and dad got another rat, he’s called Otter and I’m pleased to say he lives with the other rats, cause you know I don’t like to share my food.

Biscuit’s entry:

Not much to say really, Badger keeps getting grumpy because it’s hot. I like to stay out of his way. Willow is as silly as ever he thinks he climbed a tree, but it was just a potted plant in the dining room window.

Willow’s entry:

I haven’t met Otter yet, I would like to be his friend Willow on a narrow ledge!and play with him. Apparently he had a family and they decided they didn’t want him and took him back to the pet shop. I felt sad when mum told me, my first family didn’t want me either, they were going to let me go in some scary woods. Mum said I should be happy that he came to live with us just like I did and now he can have as much fun as I do. Mum and dad got a cage just like ours for Mole, Mouse, Ferret and Otter, that makes me happy because our cage is so big and nice. I like to think of them in their cage playing like I do.

Biscuit and Badger have been really boring lately, they don’t like the heat and just want to sleep all day, even when mum and dad let us out to play. I’ve been off exploring on my own I even climbed a tree, dad told me off because I got soil everywhere and I tried to eat the leaves, but I still did it. It was very exciting and I had to be careful not to fall, I was rather glad dad came and got me because I didn’t know how to get down again. Sometimes it’s fun to explore when my brothers won’t play with me. I’m very excited and I don’t know what I will find on my next expedition.