Biscuit, Badger & Willow's
Rattie Diary

June 2003

Biscuit’s entry:

Our new rattie arrivals Mole, Mouse & Ferret

Our new rattie arrivals Mole, Mouse & Ferret

We have some new brothers, they don’t live with us but mum has told us all about the new boys them. There names are Mole, Mouse and Ferret and they are not a cute as us, but that would be very difficult because mum says we are the cutest bunch of rats ever. They were at the pet shop and nobody wanted them, dad said mum could get just Mole and he could live with us but the woman at the pet shop asked her to take them all because they were getting big and most people only want baby rats. Dad says Mole is fat he calls him lardy and teaspoon, because one end is bigger than the other. I find it hard to believe that he could possibly be chubbier that Badger, he takes up so much room it is unbelievable.

Badger’s entry:

I’m not sure about having some more rats in the house. I mean do I have to share my food with them? There isn’t enough food to go round at dinner time as it is. Human food is just so yummy I wish I didn’t have to share it at all. Mum still loves me the best, even over the new boys, she picks me up and cuddles and kisses me. It makes me wiggle because she tickles my tummy, dad says I am a mummies boy but I don’t care especially if it gets me lots of food.

Willow’s entry:

Oh wow, more brothers. I hope we can play together, I love playing and bouncing. I know mum said we can’t all live together because our cage isn’t big enough to hold six ratties, especially with me being so excitable, I need lots of room to bounce. Dad says mum will be busy making lots of new hammocks and things for them to sleep in, I hope she makes us some new beds too Badger pees in ours and they get all stinky.

Ferret’s entry:

Don’t tell anyone I’m here, I pretend to be shy but when everyone else is asleep I like to sneak out and explore. My new mum and dad don’t know I can get out of the cage, giggle. I like our new home it was really scary being in the busy place all these faces kept peering in our cage and tapping on the glass. We were there for ages it was okay at first our home seemed quite big, but then Mouse grew and Mole got fat and there wasn’t as much room. It is quiet where we live now and our cage is nice and big with lots of different places to sleep and climb, we even get to leave our cage which is loads of fun.