Biscuit, Badger & Willow's
Rattie Diary

March 2003

Biscuit’s entry:

A super size rattie tent for my big rattie boysMum has made us another tent, the last one was so popular mum and dad thought we needed a bigger one. It is nice to have all the extra room, Badger is so big and round he used to fill the other one with his bottom. I taught mum a new trick, because I’m a bit shy I don’t like to come straight out of our cage, mum now holds a folded towel in the doorway for me to climb into. I much prefer this method of being handled, I feel much safer in my towel.

Willow’s entry:

I’m still having lots of fun, bounding around is the best. I got a bit excited the other day and bounced off the top of the cage. I was out playing and Badger was in the cage, he was sniffing my feet through the bars and it tickled and I kind of bounced off the cage. Luckily I landed on the sofa, mum told me off and I had to go back in our cage to calm down. I like the new tent too, it’s big and roomy so I don’t get squashed as much.

Badger’s entry:

I can fly! When mum or dad are a long way from me and I can’t get to them, I just close my eyes and fly through the air and land on them. Mum tells me I am very strong and clever to be able to jump so far, though I do need to be careful or I could hurt myself. I can’t help it though I just like helping mum and dad especially when they are cleaning our home. We got a new tent and a hammock, I like to sleep in the hammock on my own. My two brothers are always complaining about me, they say I’m too podgy or I pee on them.

The rattie boys sleeping out on a plastic shelf