Biscuit, Badger & Willow's
Rattie Diary

May 2003

Badger’s entry:

FOOD! We get lots of yummy food now we live in the dining room. Mum and dad come in everyday to eat a yummy meal and we always get some, mmmmm. My favourite is soup because I can just sit there and slurp it up, the only problem is I have to share it with my brothers. Willow is okay he gets a bit distracted and wanders off, but Biscuit can eat a lot like me and he even forgets to be grumpy when there is food around. I always make sure I’m first at the door to see what we are getting and to pick the best bits. We have to run around lots though or mum says we can’t eat so much, she doesn’t want us getting fat and unhealthy, I will do anything for yummy food.

Willow’s entry:

I’m still having lots of fun bouncing around and falling off things. Though don’t tell mum about the falling bit she worries about me too much. Dinner times with mum and dad are great they always give us something tasty to eat and I get played with afterwards, sometimes I stop eating before all the food is gone just to get played with. Biscuit and Badger are lazy, they go to sleep once all the food has gone, even if our cage gets put on the floor. I’m always ready to come out and play, I love to play and bounce. My brothers can be very boring and if I didn’t have mum and dad to play with I think I would burst with all the excitement inside me.

Biscuit’s entry:

I quite like our knew room especially now mum and dad have started sharing there meals with us. Badger is very greedy he will use his big bottom to get the food first, pushing me and Willow out of the way. Willow is so silly he just wants to play, he even plays with the food collecting it off the plate dropping it on the floor of our home and then going back for more. Badger and I have to go around and clean up after him, I don’t want the food going smelly and Badger is just greedy.