Biscuit, Badger & Willow's
Rattie Diary

May 2004

Badger’s entry:

Mum had this crazy idea that I might be lonely on my own, so she decided to introduce me to Mouse and his brothers. I was not a happy rattie. The thought of sharing my dinner with four other rats did not appeal to me. I do miss Willow and Biscuit, but I am quite happy on my own now. Especially as mum and dad spoil me rotten. Anyway they were bonkers rats running around all over the place, knocking into me. I have always liked things at a nice slow gentle pace. I had to let mum know that I wasn’t happy so I puffed up my fir and started side kicking the other rats when they came near me. Mum soon got the message and I am happily alone in my cosy little home, eating plenty of yummy food.

Mouse’s entry:

I was very excited when mum said we were going to meet Badger. I like sharing my home with my brothers and the thought of Badger being on his own made me sad. Mum said we all had to be on our best behaviour and I did promise, but when Badger arrived on the sofa with us I forgot and got all excited. I went up to Badger and started cleaning him, because I wanted him to be my friend. Otter, Mole and Ferret kept banging into us cause that’s what we are like, mum says we are a bit clumsy. Anyway Badger got a bit cross with us and wanted to go home. It’s okay though mum said he liked meeting us, but missed his own home. I understand that because I like my home too. Badger decided he is happy on his own, I’m going to go and visit him soon though.