Biscuit, Badger & Willow's
Rattie Diary

November 2002

Badger’s entry:

Baby rats, Biscuit & Badger playing under a computer monitorWow we’ve got a new brother, Willow. He is great, he tells me stories like how mum found him in the woods. And how he was kept in quarantine, that’s a special place upstairs. Now we have a new home, it’s enormous. There are shelves and tunnels and lot’s of room for running around in. Willow goes bonkers and bounces around, I join in and we roll around together fighting. Willow is heaps more fun than Biscuit.

I had to go back to the vets for some different medicine, mum and dad really want me to get better. I’m trying very hard, I eat lots of food and run around and play. I am feeling a lot better and I don’t sneeze as much. My fur is loosing some of it’s colour, mum says “it may have been because I was so poorly.” My stripe is more silvery now instead of brown, I’m still the cutest though. I am even growing more now too, I am bigger than Willow, he doesn’t seem to grow at all.

Willow’s entry:

Our baby rat, Willow playing under my computer monitorI didn’t know what was happening when my new mum first brought me home. I’d been living in a shoe box and it wasn’t much fun. When I got to my new home I was a bit frightened, even though yummy things kept being put in the cage with me I still wasn’t very happy. Then I met Biscuit and Badger and we all moved into this really big home together, I was so happy. I felt a lot safer with my new brothers around me. Mum explained that I had to spend some time on my own to make sure I was okay and they had to be sure Badgers sneezing wasn’t something I could catch.

Our home is big there are loads of places to sleep, run, bounce and climb. It is great I am so happy, I like to show my happiness by bouncing and jumping. Sometimes I bounce on Biscuit and he doesn’t like that especially when he is trying to sleep. Badger is more fun, he fights with me and we bounce around together. I have to be careful when mum gets me out of the cage, I get really excited and fall off things. Mum says I could hurt myself especially if I fall along way. I just love to bounce.

Biscuit’s entry:

Our baby rat, Biscuit being grumpy in his hamster iglooI like Willow because he plays with Badger so I can get more sleep. I have a special little igloo high up in our new home. Mum says it is a hamster igloo and when I’ve finished growing I might not fit in it anymore, I hope that’s not true. It is all warm in my igloo and the others can’t find me when I don’t want to play.

Another Entry from Willow:

I had a little accident and hurt my leg I had to limp around, it really hurt to stand on it. I was playing in our home and kinda fell off a shelf and I banged my head as well. I didn’t feel very well at all, mum was worried because I was acting so strangely. I had to go to the vets and he made sure I hadn’t broken any bones. It isn’t much fun I can’t bounce around and I squeak if Biscuit or Badger push me about. I should have listened to mum, I just love to bounce. I am starting to feel better now, I can walk and climb again. I promise to try and be more careful.