Biscuit, Badger & Willow's
Rattie Diary

November 2003

Biscuit and Badger wanted to take a break from their diary this month so they said Mouse and his brothers could say hello.

Mouse’s entry:

I like being a rat and I really like living with mum and dad. They treat me really nice and they let me come out to watch TV with them. It makes me feel really special when I sit behind their heads on the sofa and they notice I’m there. They reach over and cuddle me, it makes me giggle. I can’t believe how much I get to do. Before I lived with mum and dad I didn’t get to have much fun, I lived in a pet shop with my brothers. Mum says pet shops aren’t very nice places for animals to stay in for too long. No one wanted me, I don’t know if it was because I sway my head from side to side, mum says it’s because we all just got too big and some people just want baby animals. I know it doesn’t matter now because I am really happy and I know I make mum and dad happy to.

Otter’s entry:

I’m happy too. I was really scared of my new brothers when I met them they seemed so big and kept wanting to play with me. Sometimes I still remember how stressed I was, mum says it is terrible that any animal should know what stress is. I still get scared that I might loose my home, and get sent back to the pet shop. That’s what happened to me when I was little, my first family sent me back they just didn’t want me anymore. Mum tells me that she will never stop loving me not even if I bite her on the nose, not that I ever would. It is so much fun running about on the sofa. Dad picks me up, he says I’m all soft and warm. That makes me feel good, I like to know my parents love me.

Ferret’s entry:

I was really pleased when Otter joined our family, he is the same size as me. Mouse and Mole are both bigger than us. Mum says Otter and me are like twins, I like that. We sleep really high up in our cage were Mole and Mouse can’t get. It makes me feel very special having Otter all to myself, sometimes we stay up late talking and making plans about what were going to do the next day. I don’t like running about as much as Otter though. We have this really cool cardboard box filled with towels. I like to hang around in there when everyone else is off exploring. Sometimes Otter comes in with me and we push all the towels up to the entrance so Mouse and Mole can’t get in, that makes us laugh so much.

Mole’s entry:

I don’t know why everyone says I’m chubby, I’m not you know I’m just big boned. I need to eat plenty of food to keep my strength up. Bread is my favourite treat, I could eat it until I fall asleep. I don’t remember much about life before we lived with mum and dad, but I know it’s probably the reason my bones are so big because we didn’t have much to do all day. And I know that Otter had a family that didn’t want him. That must have been horrible, I couldn’t bear it if mum and dad didn’t want me anymore. Mum says that will never happen and so does dad, even after I’ve mistaken his fingers for bread and chomped them, sorry dad.