Biscuit, Badger & Willow's
Rattie Diary

October 2002

Biscuit’s entry:

Our baby rat, Biscuit out exploringWe were really frightened when mum and dad first brought us home, so frightened it made us sneeze. Especially Badger he got really poorly, I heard mum and dad say they were worried he might not make it. That really upset me because I didn’t want to be left on my own, I’m really shy and I need Badger to make me feel safe. We had to go to this place called vets and and get some medicine, it tastes nice and although some of the medicine is only for Badger I sneak up on mum so I can get some. I am feeling a lot better, but Badger’s sneezing keeps me awake sometimes and makes me grumpy.

Mum keeps getting us out of our cage, she gives us a towel to hide in, because I’m a bit shy. Badger is really brave he keeps running off. He gets into trouble because he goes behind the back of the whirring box (mum and dad call it a computer), he likes to wriggle in the wires. Dad gets cross and mum just laughs.

Mum has also started call Badger “Bomber”, she says he goes on bombing runs. I don’t know what she means though Badger does poop everywhere, especially when he’s been out too long and got over excited.

My favourite food is oranges they are all sweet and juicy and they make my tongue tingle, yummy. They are all squishy so mum can’t keep hold of them when I snatch. I like to take my food to bed, mum tells me off for this, because when we go to sleep we get covered in orange bits. It makes Badger taste nice when I groom him. Badger likes curly kale and things like that, which his fine by me, because we don’t have to share.

Our baby rats, Biscuit & Badger out exploring

Badger’s entry:

Our baby rat, Badger our exploringI got really upset when we first came home and I couldn’t stop sneezing. Mum says I am a good boy for taking all my medicines, she doesn’t know that it just tastes really nice. I still feel poorly sometimes and the sneezing does make my nose sore, but mum tells me to drink plenty of water because she puts special rattie medicine in it to make me big and strong. I like my new home, there are loads of really exciting places to go and some yummy things to eat.

Biscuit is really annoying to live with, mum gives us this fluffy warm bedding in our igloo and Biscuit insists on shoving it all out the door. We fight about it, mum is on my side because she keeps putting it all back in our bed. Sometimes Biscuit sulks and goes to sleep under our log tunnel, I don’t mind because the bedding is all soft and warm and doesn’t snore like Biscuit.

I’m not growing as fast as Biscuit, mum says “There is plenty of time for growing when I’m feeling better.” She makes me laugh because she says the only reason Biscuit is getting so big is “because he doesn’t do anything, so all that energy has to go somewhere.”