September 1993 - May 1996

Our chunky gerbil Fudge

Our chuncky gerbil, Fudge

Our gerbil Fudge being heldFudge was my moment of weakness. Derek was away for the weekend and I had just popped into the pet shop for a little look. Fudge was all alone there were no other small animals in the shop, not even hamsters! It was love at first sight, the round little gerbil came up to the glass and pressed his little nose on it. We didn’t have any gerbils at the time, though we did have Crunchie our little rattie friend. I knew I shouldn’t get him, Derek and I always like to be together when we get additions to the family, but he was so lovely. The assistant at the pet shop was surprised anyone wanted Fudge, he wasn’t a baby gerbil and the assistant also said he bit who ever went near him. I didn’t care I had been bitten by gerbils before and there was something about Fudge, he didn’t look like the biting type to me. On seeing the travel box the assistant stuck in his tank Fudge went straight in, no kidding he was very keen to leave that pet shop.

Derek was not impressed when he got home he liked to be there when we found new members of our family. Although he had to admit the chubby little gerbil was very cute and he probably would have done the same.

Fudge was an incredible chap he also grew into one of the stockiest gerbils we have ever known. Despite his reputation at the pet shop he never bit us. Fudge lived with for nearly three years and as with all little gerbils he never seemed to grow old he just stopped one day.