Lumpy & Bumpy

October 1996 - July 1999

Our two grey gerbils, Limpy and Bumpy

Our sweet pair of gerbils

Our two baby gerbils sitting in their food bowlOur pair of grey agouti girls were complete opposites but they were very happy together. Lumpy was a chubby little quiet one and Bumpy was always trying to get into trouble. It is hard to believe looking at the pictures but we could tell them apart. As youngsters Lumpy had a sore nose, nothing serious but it was their one distinguishing mark. With age Lumpy also became a little rounder :-) and also became known as ‘Chunky’. Also if there was any doubt Bumpy was usually the one hanging off the furniture.

Bumpy often jumped onto the floor and ran rings around Derek. Disappearing under furniture and reappearing at his feet. I stayed out the way and enjoyed the show.

Sadly little Lumpy passed away suddenly just after their second birthday. As with all our little companions who loose a friend we were concerned how Bumpy would cope without her sister, she just got naughtier!

Our beautiful gerbils and their animal friends

Our little rat Crumble had also just lost his brother, so under careful supervision we let the two of them meet. They became very good friends.