Biscuit, Badger & Willow's
Rattie Diary

August 2003

Badger’s entry:

Yuck mum gave us this new bedding, it’s called carefresh and it is horrible. It sticks to my toes and my tummy. I keep throwing it out the cage and dad tells me off, but it is just so horrible. Mum is going to give us our bio-catolet back next time we get cleaned out. The weather is not so hot anymore so I’ve been having fun running around. And my appetite is as healthy as always, it is much easier to enjoy my dinner now I’m not so warm. Willow has been showing me all these places he has discovered, we have to climb really high. Mum and dad were amazed I could be so energetic, they were so proud of me they gave us broccoli for supper, yummy.

Willow’s entry:

Mum and dad were a bit sad this month our bunny brother died and mum and dad miss him very much. I tried very hard to cheer them up, by playing and jumping around, they said I am lovely and I make them smile with my antics. Mum has started going out more, she says she has got a job and that it’s only part time so she still has lots of time for us ratties. I was very scared at first I missed helping mum around the house, but she was right she still gets me out whenever she’s home and I do actually quite like to nap while the house is all quiet. I’m always waiting when mum gets home though, ’cause I like to help her with her dinner. Badger keeps following me, he is so nosey about where I go and find yummy leaves to eat, he is so greedy. I like it when he comes with me though, I get all excited and tussle with him. Mum and dad say I should be careful or I could fall from the high up places I go to.

Biscuit’s entry:

I like mum’s new job, it means she leaves us alone more. Willow was very upset when mum told us, but even he has to sleep sometimes. The important thing is mum is always home at meal times so we still get fed yummy things. Willow and Badger keep disappearing together and getting into trouble, mum and dad get distracted keeping an eye on them and I can sneak off and play on my own. There are some nice dark corners in our room and I like to lurk in them. It makes me giggle when no one knows where I am.