PomPom, Peanut, Bella, Bijou
Pashmina & Peppy

Febuary 2020

New arrivals!!

Peppy (front) Bijou & Pashmina (behind)

Peppy (front) Bijou & Pashmina (behind)

I am thrilled to say we have some new rattie arrivals, two mums with four of their gorgeous little daughters. Our very shy girls PomPom and Bella were brought into our local RSPCA Centre pregnant, having not been looked after very well by their previous owner. They gave birth at the centre at the same time and raised their little babies together. So it seems only fitting that we should keep these little families together and give them as much love and attention as they want.

We only got our new arrivals yesterday, and they have been settling in really well. Understandably all the rats, with the exception of baby Peppy, are a little unsure of their new home. It will take them a while to settle in, and realise this is forever and things will only get better for them from now on.

Mum and daughter PomPom & Peanut

Mum and daughter, PomPom & Peanut

As I mentioned little Peppy is completely bonkers and wants all the attention she can get, which can be tricky when you are trying to give the rest of her family some space. Having said that, mummy rat PomPom enjoyed a nice walk around our home office this morning. We had been told she’s not big on being handled, but is always trying to leave her cage. Obviously that’s not something that was easy for her to do at the homing centre, but now she’s in our house we didn’t stop her. I’m pleased to say she wandered for a bit then returned to her cage, had a wash then did it all again. It was lovely to watch. Fingers crossed as she realises that coming out to play is an everyday thing she’ll learn to trust us a bit more. I always want my rats to be happy, but I do love rattie cuddles.

For now we are just excited to see how our new little girls settle in and are looking forward to introducing them to our other rats.

Some of our new family just after we got home.

Super cute babies

Pashmina (top left), Peppy, Bijou & Peanut

Pashmina (top left), Peppy, Bijou & Peanut