Biscuit, Badger & Willow's
Rattie Diary

April 2003

Willow’s entry:

Oh wow, we now live in the dining room, it is so exciting. Our cage gets put on the floor and we can run around and squeeze under the furniture and climb up the curtains. There are pots of soil to dig in and plants to eat, oh I am having so much fun bouncing around. When we were in the living room I kept dropping of the sofa and running around on the floor, but dad didn’t like the way I played with his expensive speaker cables. Mum and dad sit on the floor with me while I run around now. There are things I am not supposed to do but I get so excited I forget what they are, so mum and dad have to keep telling me off. When Biscuit and Badger come out I can jump on them and it gets even more exciting. I am just having so much fun.

Our two rats, Badger & Willow lurking under the sideboard

Badger’s entry:

Badger looking out the door of his rat cageI’m not so keen on flying anymore. I was on the sofa and I could see mum and dad sitting on the floor cleaning out my cage, so I closed my eyes like I normally do when I want to fly and landed in a bucket of water. It was horrible I got all wet and dad laughed at me, then he picked me up and wrapped me in a towel and started squeezing me, that bit was quite nice actually. I wasn’t very happy though as I had to wash myself all over to get dry. It is better now we are in the dining room, I am allowed to run around on the floor while our cage is being cleaned out so I can see mum and dad when ever I want. That makes me happy because I am a very helpful little rat.

Biscuit’s entry:

Being in the dining room is okay, mum still makes me come out of the cage but that’s okay now because I can hide under the sideboard and everyone leaves me alone. Not even Willow can bother me under there, it is to low for even him to bounce around and cause trouble. Our cage gets lots of sunshine now and I like to sleep in my plastic tube and get all warm from the sun, well its fun until that pesky Willow squeezes in with me. Mum and dad give us lots of tunnels and hammocks to sleep in but for some reason Willow insists on following me, I do not appreciate him especially when I am enjoying the sunshine.

Biscuit refusing to come out from under the sideboard