Biscuit, Badger & Willow's
Rattie Diary

April 2004

Badger’s entry:

I’ve been kinda lonely since Biscuit went away. Mum and dad have been spending a lot of time with me, they let me snuggle in their clothes and don’t even get cross when I get so cosy that I tiddle.

I’m still a very helpful little rattie. I like helping mum and dad in whatever they do. The nice weather is coming so I can go outside. I like that, it means that I can wait for dad when he comes home from work and help him drive his car and put it in the garage, I’m very clever like that. There are yummy things to nibble in the garden too, which is always good. And the best bit is snoozing in the back garden with mum and dad, they have this special sun umbrella it is enormous and it keeps us all cool when the sun is too bright, oh yes and there is always ice cream.