Biscuit, Badger & Willow's Rattie Diary

December 2003

Badger’s entry:

Ooh, Christmas is so exciting and there is lots to eat. Mum brought home this huge tin of yummy chocolates from where she works, mmm. Mum and dad needed help eating them all. I’m very helpful like that and for Christmas day we had this special yummy meal. There was peas and brown runny stuff for dinner, I couldn’t stop eating it. I had to spend all afternoon asleep. I helped put up the Christmas decorations too, I’m such a good boy. I like helping mum and dad it makes them laugh and that makes me laugh. I like the Christmas tree it makes pretty twinkling lights that change colour, I could sit and watch it for hours.

Biscuits entry:

Badger is so silly he heard about putting angels on top of a Christmas tree and thought it meant him. Even if he was an angel he would be to heavy to go on top of a Christmas tree, silly Badger. And Badger tried to eat the Christmas tree, it’s not even a proper tree. It’s a special one mum and dad keep in the loft, but I didn’t tell Badger that. So it tasted horrible and he got into trouble. Mum and dad got lots of presents too, I think the wrapping paper is the best bit, especially when it’s all stuffed in a box it’s fun to wriggle around in and no one can find where I am, not even Badger.